The Levo System

The Levo System from Otoharmonics is an FDA-cleared method of sound therapy for tinnitus. It is designed to train the patient’s brain to accommodate their specific manifestation of tinnitus, improving their quality of life and limiting tinnitus’ impact on their daily function. The system begins with a Tinnitus Functional Index evaluation. Designed by researchers and clinicians, the TFI is used at the beginning of treatment to establish a baseline evaluation of tinnitus’ effect on the patient’s life. Once the Levo System has been selected, the patient must be fitted for a custom set of earbuds. The custom earbuds are necessary for the patient’s comfort and to reliably control their sound environment while the earbuds are in use.



Once the custom Levo Patient System arrives, the patient and physician complete the Levo System’s Sound Match function. Sound Match identifies the nature of tinnitus as the individual patient experiences it. This also enables the physician to hear the patient’s tinnitus sound for themselves and better understand how it imposes on the patient’s life. After the Sound Match process is completed, the patient takes the Levo Patient System home, where they will use it while sleeping for three months. During sleep, the human brain is particularly receptive to habituation, and the Levo System takes advantage of this receptive state to train the patient’s brain to accommodate their tinnitus. In addition, the Levo System monitors the patient’s use of and response to the treatment, which helps to optimize the treatment procedure. After the three-month treatment period, the patient can then use the Levo Patient System on an as-needed basis to maintain the treatment’s efficacy.

The primary advantage of the Levo System is its individualized nature. Tinnitus manifests in a distinctive way for each patient, and the best treatment meets the patient’s individual needs. Because it operates while the patient is sleeping, the Levo System treats the patient with minimal imposition on their daily life and attention. The Levo System’s use of Apple consumer devices makes it easy for both patient and physician to use.